August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 8

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Round 8

The last round of the day and we're all getting a bit green around the gills. At last year's NSC, Nigel Richards (MYS) took part of his lunch hour to play a casual game against Bradley Robbins (USA). It was an event highlight for the student player. When going over this matchups for this afternoon, he's said excitedly to his mom, Jill Robbins, that he "got to play Nigel!" It was a big win for the NSC champ, 498-304, and when I mentioned Bradley's national school title since they had last met up, he sincerely congratulated the younger champ!

Chris Cree (USA) has won all his games this afternoon! He ends today, 6-2. If I now him well enough, he would say, it is too less wins than I should have, but I'll take them! :)

Nathan Benedict (USA) continues to show his strength by defeating Jean McArthur (USA), 535-330. Jean smiling (she's got a dazzler, too) and suggested some headlines for the game such as, "Nathan tears Jean a new one," and "Jean gets schooled." I see Jean's TWEETINg for 74 and Nathan's RELAXIN for 87, TIREDLy for 84, and MOORINGS through the first O for 95 and an out-bingo! Nathan points out that he twice in this game had the same rack: EIOUMNR. I see VARLET and UEY on the board and Jean explains that UEY is a U-turn and that it takes an S.

Travis Chaney (USA) vs. Steve Polatnick (USA): SHEAFED, SOLANDER, and SaNTImI, on that board.

I catch Eric Kinderman (USA) and Geoff Thevenot (USA) shaking hands at the end of their game. It is a 456-407 win for Austin's own Geoff. I see Erik's DEARiES for 68, SAPONITE for 68, and SILAGED for 67. Geoff played BAWDIEST through the D for 78 and FORMIATE for 80.

We head off for dinner in the second floor's Colonade room. mmmmmmm!

We end today with Nigel Richards (MYS) and Robert Linn (USA) at the top of the stack. Good company there, Mr. Linn!