August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 12

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Round 12

Tapani Lindgren (USA) opened with rEPAVING for 71 in his game with Jim Kramer (USA) this round. So, one might think that things would have gone his way this round, but no. "Things" decidedly did NOT do this. Jim got down ATOCIAS for 65, WHAUPS for 40 (I know, not a bingo, but fun!), TInGLER for 66, and SHIITAKE for 82. Of this last bingo, Tapani said it was impressive and he smiled. Jim's win, 508-293.

Eric Kinderman (USA) vs. Steve Polatnick (USA), a 533-322 win for the man from Florida (Steve). I see WEEDIEST, FIPPLE, FrIGaTE, GRADATE, ALINERS, and CErVINE on their board.

Judy Newhouse (USA) vs. Mark Kenas (USA). They are just wrapping up as I walk by and she points at MATLO and tells her it takes a W. I see her bOOZIEST and PUNTERs and his PORTINGS, LORICATE, and ESERINE/LORICATES. His win, 510-388.

The battle of the Chrises. I ask Chris Cree (USA) how it went and he said, "Oh, he beat me like a rented mule!" Chris May (AUS) is clear about this not being true. The tiles are up, but I hear about the 408-356 game in snippets. Like with 9 letter Os and 7 letter Rs in the bag, Chris May bingoed. I try to explain that the bag only has a total of four Rs, but this doesn't work with Chris Cree's story, so we all giggle. He may, just may exaggerate only a bit more than me, that Uncle Chris.

Robert Linn (USA) and Nigel Richards (MYS) are at 10-2 now, still in a tight battle.

Philip Nelkon (Eng) and I attempt pleasantries about travel in the US and all that, but he can't... quite... help... himself.... he MUST talk about missing OPERETTA in his last game. And if he ONLY had played it, he would have won by more. It was a game against Nathan Benedict (USA) and despite the victory for team England, he wanted to beat him more. SCRABBLE players are all alike! It was a 462-324 win for Philip. On a side note, it has been years since I've seen Philip (Hasbro stopped running WSCs on this continent) and I am reminded how he just personifies "fine chap."

Marty Gabriel (USA) vs. Nick Ball (CAN). Losing 375-310 and the board looking closed and grim, Nick found ZUPAN through the UP, hooking to create ZIN/AW/NeF for 60 points. That is such a gorgeous find. People crowded around to check it out because Marty was pointing it out to me. I see Nick's SOLANIN for 89 and Marty's MIAOWed for 78, CASTLES for 74, and the fun GADDI down the triple which hooked to make LA/AD/TI. Marty's win, 412-393.

And now we lunch.