August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 29

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Round 29

Back from lunch. The games are being paired since last round based on the standings of the previous round. So, getting paperwork in quickly is essential.

Bradley Robbins (USA), defying his own prediction, is up to EIGHT wins now in this WPC! He just defeated Stuart Goldman (USA), 429-382. Stu and I spent the next couple of minutes asking Bradley to slow down and tell us what happened. I said, "Hon, you talk so fast and I'm sure you are clear to most folks, but Stu and I only hear mumbles! You gotta slow down and pity us!" He nodded and said he would and HE DID! He pointed out Stu's bingos: EGlATINE and OUTLEARN (he said, "L as in LANTERN."). Bradley played AVIATING for 89 and ZONULES for 77. What a fantastic game for Bradley!

Travis Chaney (USA) had the better game this round against Puneet Sharma (USA). I'm trying to watch from the room's main aisle past another game and I circle around to the back of Travis to get a better look. Travis plays upside down, so I don't realize the clock is on his side for a long time. I try to not stand behind someone with a running clock so as to not stress them out and I did this to him (sorry Travis) without realizing it. I suspect I didn't cramp his style all that much. He played BOTONEE, ADDITION, and the fun READIEST, then on this next turn KOB/BREADIEST* for a bunch of points. Travis' win, 382-331.

On a pretty Jean McArthur (USA) vs. Thavachai Thivavarnvongs (THA) board, I spot ASQUINT and GLIsTEN.

Sam Kantimathi (USA) and Eric Kinderman (USA) have tall, tan men smoke pouring out of their ears. I see REENACT, ARAI?ED, DOILTER, TOLIDIN, and YAPpIEST on their in-progress board.

Mark Kenas (USA) has had a great game with Bob Lipton (USA). Bob tells me that he was 159 up on Mark and he ended up losing their game b 123, 387-510. I see Mark's REJECTOR, Softies, and OOLITE (nonbingo). This last play was so clever, because he banked on picking the Z and he did. His next play was ZINGARE/ZOOLITE down the triple for a painful amount of points :). Bob played DAREFUL and GEMINOUS, so he wasn't exactly a slouch. I think everything will be fine though. Bob's wife, Barbara, just slipped into the room. She's been off in Oklahoma taking in some Native American sight seeing.

The turn of the day for me was completed by Jim Kramer (USA) this round. Needing to get back into the game, he opened up with NAG. His smart opponent, Fidelis Olotu (Eng) blocked with BOLTS/SNAG, just gumming up things a bunch. Undeterred, Jim, who had AAEHNRS, played through a separated B and O. Can you find a bingo/bonus*? This play, which I'll put in the bottom of the color this round, scored 82, was an outbingo, and got Jim some points for Fidelis' rack, but he still lost by 8 points, 395-408. I see hOISTER, INCENSE, and LIGaTION on the board. Gorgeous game for them both.

Marty Gabriel (USA) and Brian Bowman (USA) are at the challenge machine and as Brian types, Marty gives me the thumbs up sign and winks. Sure enough, REVENAnTS is good. A few minutes later their game finishes. Brian played CRUSTED for 73 and REALIST for 77. Marty got down two high-scoring smaller plays: ZEIN for 69 and EX for 52. Brian then played the fun MEETLY, which blocked Marty's bingo lane, or so he thought. There it was, that opening to put down REVENAnTS through the NA!!! Marty's win, 393-373.

A groan is heard around the room. I turn around and WIsTERIA is going down as an outbingo and Chris May (AUS) is saying as he's putting it down that Philip Nelkon (Eng) miscounted the tiles left in the bag and emptied it when he didn't mean to. I see SKETChER, STEAMER, SLALOMED (this one by Philip), and TANAGERS. Poor Philip was in shock and I tried to take a photo and he let me know that later would be a good time. :) I got it when the dust had settled.

Nigel Richards (MYS) and Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA) played and as it wraps up, I see Pakorn smiling, which is no indication. Nigel won, check out game on annotated part of site this round!

Robert Linn (USA) vs. Nathan Benedict (USA). I can't read who won and the game i over. It was close, but Bob edged out Nathan, 449-423. I see a set of bonuses for each of them. Nathan's GROWABLE and ENCODING and Bob's LANDERS and HEADNOTe through the D.

*Jim found HABANEROS through the B and O for 82 points!