August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 3

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Round 3

JEOFAIL: for the first time in a tournament, Nigel Richards (MYS) held Chris May (AUS) on a play he'd made. He chose to not challenge, but since being held was a new experience, I figure it is worth mentioning. Other fun words: HOAGIEs, ERODENTs, and SWANKIeS. This was Chris' win, 462-290.

Chris Cree (USA) vs. Travis Chaney (USA): GOUTIER, TRAVeLOGS, GENTOOS, and SHELTERS.

Jean McArthur (USA) vs. Bob Lipton (USA): FURLAN? and INOSITIC.

Robert Linn (USA) vs. Eric Kinderman (USA): CRISPEN, CONJOINTS, FIREMAN. After this game finishes, Eric admitted that he'd broken his glasses on the flight over from Dubai (he teaches English there). And, though he can see up close okay, everything else is a sea of blurriness. John Chew, Mary Rhoades, and Wilma Vialle all wear glasses. When I mentioned that he was thinking of visiting an optometrist over lunch to get some new glasses, they all kicked into action. Mary had the eyeglass repair kit in her tournament supply box (don't all directors carry them?) and when the work seemed to small and close up to attack both sides of his glasses, which seem to screw right into the lens. Mary had a whack at it and then John did. I think they are making progress!

We didn't have a lookup computer to use, so Mary put out her laptop, which was crimping her style. Then Dee Segrest admitted she'd brought two. She put the one the size of a small aircraft carrier on the challenge table. It is like a limousine lookup laptop! While I was admiring it, two pairs of challengers used the machine: Bradley Robbins (USA) vs. Philip Nelkon (Eng) and DRINKERY* is not good; Robert Linn (USA) vs. Eric Kinderman (USA) and ALVINES is not good.

A few minutes later, Wilma takes an overdraw director call at Bradley Robbins (USA) vs. Philip Nelkon (Eng). Sadly, of the three tiles Phillip chooses to turn over, one is the blank and Bradley has to return it to the bag.

Brian Bowman (USA) vs. Nathan Benedict (USA): SAIdEST by Brian and Nathan's PLOTTER/ISO/NAT/GIT. Brian won, 414-376.

Steve Polatnick (USA) vs. Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA): ISOORIS, EMIGRE?, HEAR?IES, REKINDLE, and CITABLE all on the 471-397 win for Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA).

Nick Ball (CAN) vs. Sam Kantimathi (USA). I see Sam's FoOTNOTE, TReNCHED, GOODLIER, and the fun ANOOPSIA played between the N and second O! Nick played TUNEABLE and SUPINATE, but this was Sam's win, 498-388.