August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 19

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Round 19

Geoff Thevenot (USA) tells me he won an ordinary game with Stuart Goldman (USA) by about 50.

Nathan Benedict (USA) vs. Bradley Robbins (USA). Bradley opened with KENTE and Nathan responded with mUCILAGE to the E down the triple lane. I see Bradley's ALIENIST though the L and Nathan's EDITORS/ALIENTISTS. The S-hook to his play drew a challenge from Bradley. Nathan's win, 452-336.


Judy Newhouse (USA) vs. Brian Bowman (USA), a 535-317 win for him. I see that he played ADDENdA and she tried to hook an S on it. He challenged it off. Then, in an absolute fit of "no fair," he then played BRAWLIE along the bottom triple and hooked to make ADDENdAL* and she didn't challenge. I see her DATCHA. Other plays on board: PREsSING, YUCHY, and CRUISIE.

Jim Kramer (USA) vs. Puneet Sharma (USA). On their in-progress game I see: PArTAKEN, FUGLIER, ROOMIER, REVeRSO.

Chris May (AUS) yanks sharply on the chain attached to Nick Ball (CAN). Eagle-eyed Chris has spied PIBA* on the Nick vs. Fidelis Olotu (Eng) game. Nick admitted it was his play, but that PEBA is good. Not sure if that is explaining a confusion he had or just a bad attempt at a dodge (kidding). Fidelis had his own slip-up and tried PITT*, which came right up.

Chris May (AUS) vs. Steve Polatnick (USA): Steve's SOKEMEN for 82 jumps out. Chris played ANISOlE for 74 and ETHNICS for 69. Chris' win, 411-370,

I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but Chris Cree (USA) and Robert Linn (USA) have just wrapped up their game. Chris is taking tiles off the board like a mad man, trying to see what plays could have gone down instead. Bob is busy filling out the result slip and nodding. At one point, someone shushed the talking.

I hear Ebikeme Adowei (NGA) in the hall on his iPhone and he's giggling. I hear him say, "I believe I'll won one more."

On a Tapani Lindgren (USA) vs. Eric Kinderman (USA) board, I think I see that Tapani phoneyed to open the game: KAUNE*.

In the hallway, I see Eric Kinderman (USA) resting against the wall. He wants to talk about round 18. He says he had Nathan Benedict (USA) on the ropes, winning the whole time and he ended up losing by 5 points. They were down to 25 and 18 seconds each on their clock and he thinks it was this lack of time that did him in. He said, this it the second world class player that he's almost beat. I say, "uh, Eric, you are here. You are world class, too!" He tells me the terrific news: he is a newlywed! He was working in Dubai, teaching English and his wife was one of four Americans there teaching as well. Her speciality is History. Anyway, he says, "I went halfway around the world to marry the girl next door." He looks very happy.

The reason we have time to chitchat in the hall is that Eric's next opponent, Philip Nelkon (Eng), is embroiled in some sort of contretemps with his current opponent, Marty Gabriel (USA). Wilma has been called over, twice, and now she's conferring in the hallway near my gossip-fest with Eric to discuss with John and Mary what her ruling should be. Let me clear, she knew what to do, but she just wanted them to concur. It appears that Philip played out and he started Marty's clock (?). This signal to play triggered Marty to put down tiles. At this point, Philip pointed out that he could not due to the game being, like, over. And then I think the clock was neutralized. Ever on the ball, Marty then said, "well, I challenge." So, what to do? How much time has elapsed, what rules were broken, bent, mangled? They both were caring about the outcome, but not in a hostile way at all. Wilma ruled that Marty could challenge. I think I saw the play to be OLOGISED and the outplay came up. Due to the score being in Marty's favor, Philip sorta needed a bonus and nothing else would do. So..... Mary then played a couple tiles, Philip tried another bingo, Marty challenged that off, too, and then Marty went out and won, 465-359. I think some time was given back to Marty since his clock was restarted when it ought not have, so I don't think he lost time despite going over by a scant few seconds. Anyway, eventually, the waiting others got to start their round 20 games.