August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 14

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Round 14

With two-thirds of the game complete, Geoff Thevenot (USA) had a rack of EEIIILN. He removed EII to exchange, retaining LINE, then changed his mind and added LI for a 5-tile exchange. He picked up AIRST, giving him the dream rack of RETAINS. He played INTREATS through the first T on his next turn. This observation compliments of Wilma Vialle, who also typed it in, thanks!

Puneet Sharma (USA) had a fun game with Chris Cree (USA) this round. I played AEROLITE and ESTOILE/EDHS (and a few other overlaps, but the game is gone, and perhaps some of the memory, too!). Chris played HERRINGS and TANKERS/AEROLITES, and won, 474-415.

Bradley Robbins (USA) played Mark Kenas (USA) this round. I walk up right as they wind up and I hear Bradley ask, "Is ENRACE good?" I think Mark played it on the triple and Mark nodded. I see Bradley's CYANITE, SIFTES, and ANTLIke to go out. Mark played the double-double PUBBING and INNLESS, which hooked to make FONE/APOS. Bradley liked none of these plays and challenged them all. They were all good, so it cost him 30 points. Mark's win, 468-375.

Old friends, Stuart Goldman (USA) and Bob Lipton (USA) played this round. Ahead by a bit, Bob tossed down OBOE in the middle of the board, creating many 2-letter words, to stop Stu's bingos. Stu opened up elsewhere and Bob got down TRUNDLE. Then through his own attempt at a block, Bob got down a 9: VELATURAS. Holding CEENSST toward the end of the game, he thought to himself that he'd love it if Stu played an E. Almost like the angels answering, Stu played RETSINS and like in slow motion, Bob played SENTENCE. If Stu had played INSERTS instead, SENTENCE wouldn't have fit.

Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA) vs. Chris May (AUS). A close, enjoyable game throughout, said Chris. Pakorn played ASTUNIED, pOLICERS, and TABORINS. Chris' plays: CLARTED for 72, ANEMONE for 62, and toward the game's end got down fOOTRAS. It really was going to be who got the better end tiles and it was Chris' turn. He drew QAIDPP, which he played to great effect and he won, 482-472.

Marty Gabriel (USA) defeated Nigel Richards (MYS) this round. GRAVIDAE through the D was Marty's response to Nigel's opening play and he got 67 for it. I see VALETAS for 81, Nigel's I think. At one point, trying to open, Marty explains, Nigel played ZONK and like in a bad movie, it was Marty who got to use the opening. He slammed down PRESALE/ZONKS for 106 points. 508-332, all Marty.