August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 2

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Round 2

Collins cheat sheets are spread out on Mary's table. I snatch them up as I may next have to play a Collins game!

Chris Cree (USA), upon reflection, realizes he was more "in" his round 1 game with Jim Kramer (USA) than he thought. He challenged too quickly and the word was acceptable. He just won his game against Nathan Benedict (USA) this round and he said, "You can't give away any games, because you will lose to folks in this room without blinking an eye.

The first game to finish this round was Jean McArthur (USA) vs. Bradley Robbins (USA), 480-446, in her favor. She claims she played TRUEISM* to win, but it is only TRUISM and the play wasn't challenged. He played REALIZE and she was so occupied with everything sowpods, she actually challenged it! She made two fun Collins' words: WAID and GOOL.

Judy Newhouse (USA) vs. Eric Kinderman (USA): I spot some bingos and they turn out to be all about Judy! RECANING, BARONIES, and the lovely GARDENERS. I see ZEL on their board, too. Judy's win, 406-364.

Tapani Lindgren (USA) vs. Puneet Sharma (USA): LEERIEST, CH?NGES, TRIREEM, and INFLATE?

Chris May (AUS) vs. Kunihiko Kuroda (JPN): TROTHED and RAINEr.

Brian Bowman (USA) bs. Sam Kantimathi (USA): PREVIEW, BIRCHEN, and VENTRALS. Brian is looking fetching in his Jeremey Hildebrand BAT 2010 T-shirt. I sounder if anyone here "gets" it.

Travis Chaney (USA) vs. Robert Linn (USA): WIREMEn, BENDINGS, RANDINg, ARENOSE, and that oh so fun rack cleaner UVULA!

Steve Polatnick (USA) played AIDANCE and FLOUNCES and Bob Lipton (USA) played OUTWEARy and TITTERED. These were the first four plays of the game, so it a 300-point game in a quick fashion. Bob later binged out with ARSHINE for 105, but still lost, 430-410. These two spar a lot, so this is just another game in the many.

Stuart Goldman (USA) had a bingo-bango-bongo in his game with Marty Gabriel (USA) this round: ENROOTs for 69, SCREAKED for 71, and REGEARED for 70. Mary played SALAVAGER for 80, JUN/JA/UG for 56, and CROPLESS for 82. Stu got down AZON for 48, Marty played IXORA for 60, and then later played RELATION for 75. I guess it is possible to lose a game after opening with three bingos in a row, 524-408.

Even COWGIRLS get the blues sometimes. I think Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA) played it in his game with Geoff Thevenot (USA). Geoff's win, 402-387.