August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 7

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Round 7

It took about three eye doctors until Mary Rhoades could find one who could repair those broken glasses belonging to Eric Kinderman (USA). But, they were fully repaired and were given to him during this round's play. Chris Cree (USA) in mock agitation said, "Great, now that I'm leading and stand a chance of winning, NOW you give him the glasses. Leave him blind!" John Chew chimes in, "What Chris means to say is.... " When their game wraps up, I see Chris' ONSTREAM, and JAILbaIT. Eric played YEARNER and ISOLATE. Chris' win, 383-323.

Steve Polatnick (USA) vs. Jim Kramer (USA). VEHM was played and it does not take an S, but does take an E. The things you learn while people kibbutz.... Steve's bingos: RESONATE for 66 and ENCaGED for 73. Jim's bingos: SORRIER for 69, mAKEUPS for 95, and BITUMEN for 82. Jim's win, 530-389.

Wilma takes a challenge in the Chris May (AUS) vs. Stuart Goldman (USA) game. CHOUNTING* is not good.

After the game was over, Bradley Robbins (USA) admits he wasn't sure of yANKIES and either was Puneet Sharma (USA), because the latter challenged it. Acceptable. This challenged bingo helped cut down some of the spread, but Puneet still won, 470-326. The last time these two met up was a few years ago in a Boston Area Tournament newcomers division. Puneet was a newcomer to TWL SCRABBLE, but he was no newcomer to the game. Not knowing of his strong sowpods rating, I put him into that newcomers group. Imagine my surprise when David (Bradley) took down Goliath (Puneet) in that tournament! This was REVENGE for Puneet now that they were using HIS dictionary.

Philip Nelkon (Eng) is having a great day today. He just defeated Bob Lipton (USA), 449-385. No sleep agrees with him, but both Wilma and I can see that he is exhausted underneath that million-dollar smile.

Travis Chaney (USA) has a good game against, Brian Bowman (USA), winning, 482-428. It was a rare, these days, Q stick (though that didn't determine the winner). I see LENTORs and HEXADEs on their board.

Geoff Thevenot (USA) vs. Marty Gabriel (USA). This game was exciting, but wrapping up in a hurry as we were moving into the next round. RESOWEd for 76, DECrEWEd for 90, MASONITE for 68, and TARDYING for 64 were Geoff's. Marty played SOLATIA/ZA for 64 and Geoff got down STRIVER for 73, and the win went to the man from Austin, TX, 520-386.