August 14–16, 2010
Dallas, TX


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WPC 2010 Commentary: Round 6

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Round 6

Nick Ball (CAN) played MICATES, which was held by Puneet Sharma (USA). The first play of the game. After thinking about it a bit, Puneet let it good. Good thing! Later on, I see this play front extended to EMICATES.

I catch Ebikeme Adowei (NGA) at the challenge machine. He is checking plays from his last game: PRIVITY and VILLAGIO.

I see Chris Cree (USA) and Sam Kantimathi (USA) at the challenge machine at the word GAVOT is looked up. It is good.

Bob Lipton (USA) defeats Geoff Thevenot (USA) in a close game, 545-519. I see ENcRATY for 76, SERIEMAS for 72, TOUCANEt for 72, and GNOMIST for 72 for Geoff. OVERJUST for 96, which drew a challenge, and PARLANtE through the T for 140 were Bob's plays. Other bingos and I'm just not sure who played which: REDLINE for 81 and UNSIGHT for 71.

Chris Cree (USA) vs. Sam Kantimathi (USA): BROMIDIc for Chris and crEEDENCE for Sam. Last play made by Chris was ISOLATES for the IS. Nice find. I also see TOENAILS and TORULIN on their board.

HISTOID, which front hooked to create STIVY and bingoing out with RELENTERS through the EL were highlights of the 523-372 win in Travis Chaney (USA) vs. Judy Newhouse (USA).

Marty Gabriel (USA) vs. Chris May (AUS) and it was Marty's turn to shine, 494-379. The board is very pretty: LOITERER, DEVOTING, AMATEUr, SIMILES, and ReTINITE.